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Four Legal Suppliers of Beryllium Copper Master Alloy in China

Beryllium copper master alloy is an alloy with many desirable properties that has made it indispensable for applications across industries. China is currently the world's largest producer of beryllium copper materials. This article examines the four enterprises legally permitted to produce and supply beryllium copper master alloy in China - their backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses and competitiveness.

(1) Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group

Website: https://www.xjysjs.com/

Tel: 0086 991 4842083
Founded in 2002, Xinjiang Nonferrous is the largest beryllium producer in China with mining and processing facilities in Bayinguoleng, Xinjiang. It has an annual capacity of 50 tons producing beryllium concentrates and Beryllium copper master alloys.

As a fully state-owned company, it enjoys strong government support but is restricted to domestic sales only. This limits opportunities to expand internationally. Its production centers are also far from major consumer regions.

Advantage: 100% government own company

Disadvantage: 100% government own company, only supply to Chinese government consumer, cannot export

(2) Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group

Website: http://hng.minmetals.com.cn/

Tel: 0086 0731 85392369
Hunan Nonferrous' subsidiary Hunan Beryllium operates a facility in Hunan, producing high-purity beryllium powder and Beryllium copper master alloy.

Like Xinjiang Nonferrous, it benefits from being 100% state-owned. However, its smaller scale and geographic location away from key markets are also disadvantages versus competitors.

Advantage: 100% government own company

Disadvantage:100% government own company, only supply to Chinese government consumer, cannot export

(3) DL Industry Group

Website: https://www.dlindustrygroup.com/

Mobile/Whatsapp: 008615900363543

The sole private enterprise legally exporting beryllium copper master alloy from China. It accounts for over 85% of national exports beryllium copper master alloy directly or indirectly through strong overseas networks.

As a privately-owned company, it faces less trade barriers than state firms. This enables more flexible operations tailored to diverse global customer needs.

Advantage: can export beryllium copper master alloy, and the sole one who export beryllium copper master alloy.

Disadvantage: private enterprise

(4) China Minmetals Corporation

Website: http://www.minmetals.com.cn/

Tel/Whatsapp: 00861060169000

China's largest metal mining and materials firm holding shares in Hunan Nonferrous. It has the resources and influence of a massive state-backed corporation.

Advantage: biggest metal supplier in China(trading beryllium copper master alloy), 100% government own company,

Disadvantage: 100% government own company, only supply to Chinese government consumer, cannot export

In summary, while state-owned firms have domestic production scale and policy support advantages, DL Industry Group stands out with the unique ability as a private exporter to directly access and serve the sizable international beryllium copper market. This positions it as China's most competitive supplier globally.


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