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Top Manufacturer of Compressed Wood Pallets in China

DL Industry Group is a leading manufacturer of compressed wood pallets and has been in the industry for over a decade. Headquartered in Tianjin, China, DL owns its own factory in Zhangzhou and has become a premier provider of compressed wood pallets both domestically in China as well as internationally through exports. This article will provide an overview of DL's compressed wood pallet operations, the production process, quality and specifications of their products, as well as comparison to traditional wood and plastic pallets. By the end, readers will understand why DL has become one of the top manufacturers of compressed wood pallets in all of China.

Compressed Wood Pallets Manufacturer

Founded in 2008, DL Industry Group started out as a supplier of various industrial materials. In 2010, they began investing heavily in compressed wood pallet production, seeing the market potential and efficiency benefits these pallets provided over traditional wood styles. Within a few years, DL had built a large factory dedicated entirely to compressed wood pallets. Today they employ over 300 people across manufacturing, logistics, sales, and management. DL owns the entire production process from sourcing materials to the finished products. Their factory utilizes advanced pressing equipment and can produce over 5 million compressed wood pallets annually. Through constant innovation, they have developed new formulas and techniques to improve strength, durability and moisture resistance of their pallets. DL's products have received multiple certifications including ISO and compliance with ISPM 15 for exporting. They serve customers in various industries such as electronics, chemicals, machinery and more.

Production Process

DL utilizes an advanced production process to manufacture high quality compressed wood pallets. It begins with collecting sawdust and wood shavings from wood processing plants. These materials go through drying to remove moisture. They are then mixed precisely with adhesive and binding agents in large mixing machines. The exact formula and contents are proprietary to DL to achieve their stringent quality standards. Next, the wood mixture is sent through heating processes to prepare for compression. The heated material is then transported via automated lines to large 1,000 ton hydraulic pressing machines. Here, extreme heat and pressure are applied to densify the material into a rigid block formation. The compressed wood blocks are moved to cooling stations to solidify. Then they undergo CNC trimming machines to cut them into individual pallet shapes based on clients' specifications. Final inspection checks quality before packaging and shipment. DL's high tech, automated process allows for mass production while maintaining excellent consistency and control over pallet characteristics.

Product Specifications

DL's compressed wood pallets are available in various common sizes to suit different needs such as 1000x1000mm, 1200x1000mm, and 1100x1100mm. Typical pallet heights are 135mm but can be customized. Weights range from 14.5kg to 22kg depending on size. Their pallets have maximum static load ratings of 3-5 tons and dynamic loads of 1.8-2.5 tons, ensuring they can withstand heavy goods in transport and warehouse storage. Fork pockets measure a minimum 560mm for compatibility. Drawings and 3D models can be provided. Adhesive used is formaldehyde-free MDI for environmental friendliness. High temperatures during production kill any bugs/molds. Pallets meet international standards such as ISPM 15 for overseas trade. DL's compressed wood pallets are water resistant from their binding formula. They are fully recyclable at the end of lifespan. Nestable designs offer optimal space efficiency during storage and transport compared to typical wood pallets. Overall, DL's product quality, specifications and certifications place them among the best manufacturers in the industry.

Comparisons to Other Pallet Types

DL's compressed wood pallets outperform regular wood and plastic alternatives across key criteria:

  • Cost - Compressed pallets have the lowest unit costs versus traditional wood and plastic pallets. This provides great savings over the lifetime of frequent pallet usage.
  • Strength - Their high density structure achieved through precise pressing gives compressed pallets equivalent or greater strength than wood yet lower weight than plastic.
  • Durability - Protected from moisture damage and degradation, compressed pallets last much longer in diverse conditions than regular wood pallets prone to splitting/warping.
  • Safety - With no loose nails or splinters compared to regular wood pallets, DL's pallets are safer for workers to handle.
  • Handling - At only 14.5-22kg, compressed pallets are lighter than wood yet more rugged than plastic pallets which can break easily. Easier to maneuver.
  • Storage - Nestable compressed pallets utilize 50% less storage space than blocky wood pallets. Better space yields for warehouses.
  • Environment - Made from recycled wood materials, compressed pallets pose no toxicity like plastic or off-gassing like regular wood. Completely recyclable too.
    Overall, DL's compressed wood pallets provide a very smart investment for logistics/warehousing operations seeking quality, cost-effectiveness and green characteristics.
International Success

From an initial focus on domestic China markets, DL Industry Group has seen growing success in exporting compressed wood pallets internationally in recent years. They have made deliberate investments in production scale, quality consistency, and certifications to meet the stringent standards of global customers. DL's compressed wood pallets have been exported to over 20 countries across multiple continents. Major export markets include Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Their ability to mass produce according to varied customer specifications and stringent phytosanitary regulations like ISPM 15 has helped DL stand out. A dedicated team of international sales coordinators provide bilingual support services. Sea and air shipping logistics are expertly handled. DL also attends major global trade shows to promote their compressed pallet technologies and environmental benefits. Going forward, they aim to achieve even larger export volumes through new overseas partnerships and by continuing to deliver exceptional quality, service and value that global businesses demand.


In conclusion, DL Industry Group has evolved into one of China's premier compressed wood pallet manufacturers through over a decade of experience, heavy R&D investments, and a customer-centric approach. Their large, state-of-the-art factory equipped with advanced production automation allows massive annual capacity. Combined with rigorous quality processes, DL is fully capable of large global supply contracts. Their compressed wood pallet products provide clear advantages in all performance and economic criteria compared to regular wood or plastic pallets. With a growing international client base already spanning multiple continents, DL Industry Group has undoubtedly secured its position among the top compressed pallet suppliers worldwide. Businesses seeking an eco-friendly, long-lasting and affordable pallet solution can rely on DL's high quality, innovative compressed wood products.

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